English Summative Assessment (Mother Nature of Space) (Khalid Al-Mashari 9C)
Updated: 12/19/2019
English Summative Assessment (Mother Nature of Space) (Khalid Al-Mashari 9C)
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Storyboard Text

  • Mother nature of Space
  • Jayden: "Not again! That stupid robot!!!"
  • Lano: "I...I don't think that the sound was from our robot honey!"
  • Jayden & Lano: "Wha..."
  • I & Kai: "1...2...3... let's travel to a past that we must see!"
  • From a far far planet named "Xr-11" in our wide universe in the year 2099, a strange creature emerges and is headed at the speed of light towards earth.
  • Jayden: "BAAAAAAA!!!
  • I & Kai: "A past that humanity will pay its fee!!!"
  • Lano: "WHAAAAAAA!!!"
  • Jayden and his fiancee Lano arguing about the crashing sound they just heard at their garden verenda in the darkness of night and in the middle of rain.
  • Jayden: "wha... what just happened?!!
  • I & Kai: "I'm I & Kai, and we are now in what you called a forest that turned out to be in your modern day a..."
  • The couple are investigating the strange,horrific and blurry scene, and suddenly something happens!
  • I & Kai: " A trashing area for your kind! Will mother nature be proud of you?! Will your ancestors approve of your devastating actions?! Will they?!
  • Jayden & Lano: "..."
  • Jayden and Lano travel back in time to the year 1 B.D. accompanied by I & Kai.
  • Jayden and Lano reach a green forest that was never toched, and are confused of what just happened in their travel back in time.
  • Lano: "I just wanted to have a nice ice cream with my fiance! What apathetic Creatures you are!!!"
  • I & Kai teach Jayden and Lano a lesson in nature while they are at a junk area in the year 2099, as both Jayden and lano remain still and silent not comprehending the situation.
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