Trojan Virus story
Updated: 10/23/2020
Trojan Virus story

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  • I wonder if I can find a free download of a game!Oh look there is one over there! I'm gonna download it!
  • Hehe... yes, I am the game for free! Come download me right now!
  • Wait a second... You aren't the game! You're a trojan virus!
  • Yeah.. and thanks for downloading me... Now I've got access to all of your data!
  • w-w-what a-are y-y--yyou doing t-t-too me!?
  • I'm slowing you down, copying your data, then deleting your copy! Now you'll never be able to get rid of me being that slow! BAHAHAHAHAH
  • I--'ve g-g-g-got to d-d-d-delete t-the f-f-ile b-b-before he g-g-gets allm-my data a-and s---lows m--e--e d--own too m-m-much!
  • Haha! I deleted you! Now you can't get any more of my data or slow me down anymore because you can't replicate yourself!
  • No--oo-o-ooo.......
  • I guess I shouldn't go to those sketchy websites and download unknown content.I guess I'll just buy the real game now
  • Title: The Trojan Virus
  • Yes, you should only download things from trusted sources, and official websites. So it is safe to download me from this official game website!
  • By Peter Muller.
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