Sedimentary Rock
Updated: 12/2/2020
Sedimentary Rock

Storyboard Description

Rockey is a Sandstone that will teach all about sedimentary rocks!!!

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! Over HERE! (Echos) HERE! HERE! HERE! Look closer! Yup, here I am. I am a little piece of sediment that has been compacted and cemented into the sedimentary rock that I call my home.
  • My neighbor over here is a weathered piece of an ancient mountain that has been destroyed. My neighbor loves to talk about “his day” when he was a part of a big mountain.
  • I like to remember my days in the ocean when I was a part of a beautiful seashell. Life sure has changed since I fell to the bottom of the ocean.
  • I have been buried again and again by all the cool stuff that happens over top of me. Once i was covered by sand ( I'm a Sandstone)
  •  After that, I was covered by a Giant piece of sand! That lasted for 100,000 years, so a lot of sand piled up. So many layers of sediment are piled up on me by now. And those layers are all so heavy!
  • All sedimentary rocks are very sentimental because every broken piece of the sediment has its own story about how it got here. So much to talk about! I’ve been here for millions of years, but never get tired of hearing about what everyone around me went through before and after I got here!
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