Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, i am jeffry the llama.i am going to tell you about the nitrogen cycle!
  • Nitrogen is a fixation (which means it is needed for life.) it helps animals like you and me create DNA and proteins
  • In our world we use nitrogen all the time but not the same way. For example use nitrogen to live to but they don't suck it out of a straw like you humans do with a smoothie Bacteria breaks down the Nitrate: No3- Potency into Nitrite: No2-1the is know as Nitrification
  • fun fact !! Did you know that lighting can also do the same thing as Nitrification.
  • the next step of Nitrification is that once the plants ReceiveThe nitrogenOther animals eat the plant and another animal will eat the animal will it turns to a Reusable Source
  • over all the nitrogen cycle is a Fascinating topic that has been going one sense the beginning of time and we would not have life without it-see you next time !