Communication Process
Updated: 1/17/2020
Communication Process
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  • The coach is the sender sending a message using a face to face channel. She is encoding her message by telling them what they need to do.There is a barrier in the way though. External noise is the crowd cheering for their team, and the other coach talking to his athletes
  • Sender: The coach
  • Make sure we're talking to each other!
  • Encoding: work Together
  • External Noise: Crowd being extra loud
  • The players on her team are the receivers. They are decoding what their coach is telling them and trying to figure out how to use her advice. The players on the opposing team are the internal noise, focusing on how to better help their team and locating the ball.
  • Receiver: Coach's athletes
  • Am I not talking to my teammates enough?
  • Decoding: Player is thinking about what the coach said
  • Where did the ball go?
  • Internal Noise: Thoughts of player on the other team
  • The coach's athletes then give feedback to their coach using the face to face channel and respond with a message in a respectful way which is demonstrating ethical responsibility.
  • Yes Ma'am!
  • Channel Face to face
  • feedback: Athlete responds to coach
  • The sender then encodes another message to her athletes, and the continue the game.
  • Sender: The coach
  • You've got this, we're almost done!
  • Channel Face to face
  • Encoding: They can win!
  • Ethical responsibility: Coach is cheering on her athletes
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