3/31/20 assigment Mari Petrova
Updated: 3/31/2020
3/31/20 assigment Mari Petrova
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  • Steve Brand
  • ''Who are them?''
  • Leader, smart, gives people chances, calm, and open-minded.
  • When he gave Tommy a chance to talk.
  • He is He is in his mid 50's and has wrinkles. He is pretty tall with lack hair that is full and thick.
  • Charlie
  • Outgoing, extrovert, suspicious, observant and protective.
  • When he shot Pete Van Horn.
  • ''It’s . . . it’s the kid. It’s Tommy. He’s the one!''
  • He is short and a bit chuby. He also doesn't have lots of hair and his is squished together.
  • Les Goodman
  • Les Goodman stepped on his porch.
  • Mean, stubborn, angry, frustrated, confused and not amused
  • His head looks like a football. He has a little bit of wrinkles. Probably in his mid 40's. He has very thin hair.
  • ''I’m guiltyof insomnia. Now what’s the penalty for insomnia?''
  • Tommy
  • ''Mr. Brand . . . you better not!''
  • He tells everyone about the monsters.
  • Smart, imaginative, open-minded, and brave.
  • Pete Van Horn
  • ''I’ll cut through the back yard . . . See if the power’s still on on Floral Street. I’ll be right back!''
  • When he died.
  • Brave, dead, non-alive, and scared.
  • Don Martin
  • Smart, reasonable, calming and focused.
  • ''And this thing being so close—why, there’s no telling the sort of stuff it cando.''
  • When he grabbed the shotgun.
  • His hair is like Steve's and he is a kid with no wrinkles. He looks about 12 and has big ears.
  • He wore overalls and you can tell he is old. He had a hammer in his overalls. He wears glasses and looks goofy.
  • He is young around 20's or 30's. He has a large forehead and is tall and slim.His voice is calming.
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