Updated: 2/11/2021

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  • The Life of Alexander the Greatin a Nutshell(And the example he provides, which proves that we live in a society.)
  • Ho, ho, happy day!I've just conquered Greece! I've just conquered Greece!
  • Everyone Else: If only we had been here to guard the place, earlier.
  • 5. Anyone who doesn't obey me shall be enslaved, and their civilization burned to the ground. Yes, this is what I will do.
  • 3. But our kingdom still wouldn't be good enough, so maybe if we conquer Persia, we might be able to unite all of Greece under our rule.
  • Here lie King Phillip
  • 4. I know for a fact that they will obey me if I show them kindness after this whole ordeal, but the ones that don't must to face consequences..
  • 2. So I must carry out the task he that he had wanted to do before he was murdered: I must conquer Persia.
  • 1. Well, Father's dead now, so I guess that I have to rule this kingdom myself now.
  • 13 years later, after Alexander conquered Greece...
  • No, I'm the leader!!
  • What are we going to do now?!!