Exploration Storyboard
Updated: 1/27/2020
Exploration Storyboard
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By Bella :) :) :)

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  • I'm your new student, Eliza!
  • Hello! My name is Bella. What's your's?
  • Oh! Well in that case, let's go inside and start the lesson!The lesson of "The Age of Exploration".
  • The Dangers at Sea...
  • Some of the dangers at sea were the sicknesses you could get. One of the worst was Scurvy, which turned your gums and teeth black.
  • Other dangers included getting lost at sea, getting shipwrecked due to storms, and running out of food and water.
  • New Technologies Used on the Journey...
  • Others include lead weights, cross staffs, and triangular sails.
  • One of the technologies used was the compass, which helped sailors travel more accurately.
  • Another was the astrolabe, which helped determine the latitude of the ship.
  • A different technology was the use of knotted ropes, which determined the speed of the ship.
  • Hernando de Soto
  • While I never found those riches, I explored Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
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  • When I set sail, I was looking for gold and riches in the area of Florida.
  • I am most famous for being the first European to discover the Mississippi River.
  • Reasons for Exploration
  • One of the reasons people set sail for the Americas was for glory, also known as land.
  • Land was very important in the age of exploration. People would race to get to the Americas, and sometimes even small wars would erupt over land claims.
  • When countries claimed land, their country got larger, gaining them more power and glory.
  • That was a great lesson Ms.!
  • You too! Bye!
  • Thank you children! Now, go on home. Tomorrow, we'll start multiplication and division in math. Have a good day!
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