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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • Hey Mom? Can you explain what the watercycle is?
  • Sure! Honey Let's get going!
  • So you see how the sun has heat, the sun's heat turns all the water to float in the air, and has to say bye bye to their homes.
  • Ah ok.
  • Wow.
  • Then, the role of gravity pulls precipitation down from the clouds and the snow hits the ground and melts from the heat from the sun.
  • Then, Clouds are from water droplets and condenses onto each other, how it condenses onto each other is by turning into the liquid. Then, makes the water droplets bigger.
  • Second, the groundwater decides to move into the plants soak into the soil from ground level, then It moves underground and goes between soil and rocks. Then, The water will be soaked up by the roots to help plants grow.
  • Then, Liquid water flows into runoff (water that moves on the ground rather than sinking in the ground) then sinks into the ground and through the surface runoff.
  • That's It honey!
  • Third, when liquid and frozen water changes It turns into water vapor which floats up into the skies to make clouds, This happens due to tiny particles for example dust that float in the air and what the gravity does is to pull down the clouds towards the earth by the gravity’s doing.
  • Thanks Mom for educating me!
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