Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Speed
  • Speed is the rate of an object or person is moving. To find me you have to divide distance over time.
  • When people are saying how fast something is going they are talking about me .
  • My name is Tempo Taste. I am the son of speed
  • Velocity
  • My name is Veyoncia. I am the mother of velocity.
  • If you were wondering what velocity is it is the speed of an object in a set direction. This is what makes people get me and advancement chance mixed up a lot.
  • Just remember that I'm in a set direction while advancement isn't.
  • Acceleration
  • My name is advancement chance. I am the father of all acceleration there is in the world.
  • To find me you have to divide velocity over time. But it can be hard to understand
  • I get confused with Veyoncia a lot only because people don't remember acceleration is the rate of change of velocity per unit of change.
  • Formula: Speed(S) = distance(d)/ time(t)Example: A car is traveling 210 miles per 15 minutes. How fast is the car going? 14mph
  • Formula: V = speed(s)/ time(t) Example: A plane is traveling 20mph south per 5 minutes. What is the velocity?4mph south
  • Formula: A = starting velocity(v1) - final velocity(v2)/ time(t)Example: A car increases from 2.0m/s at 1.0s to 16m/s. What is acceleration?4m/s