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Updated: 4/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Did you guys hear about how powerful Julius Caesar is getting?
  • Yeah that would be a good idea Cassius. We must assassinate him while we have the chance! Its time to come up with a plan...
  • I know right? How do you feel about him Brutus? He is your best friend after all. We need to kill him before he gets too powerful!
  • With that discussion, my most trusted allies and I started devising a plan to kill Julius Caesar so that we could prevent him from becoming a king that rules over Rome and destroying the Roman republic.
  • And with that, the most power-hungry Roman was killed. The reason we killed him was to rescue Rome from what would have been Caesar's terrible rule. He would have been a disgraceful tyrant, completely destroying the republic we have set up. I am a firm supporter of Rome, and I would not let anything happen to the home I live in.
  • I don't know how I could be wrong. If you are loyal to Rome just as much as I am, you will understand my actions.
  • With all this evidence, would you let Caesar live? What kind traitor would let a man like him live? He was threatening Rome, so we had to intervene.
  • Do not let yourself get fooled by Julius Caesar and his foolish allies. He just wanted power. I am in the right, and by supporting me, you are as well. He may have been my best friend, but my home, our home, is more important that our friendship.