Unknown Story
Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Dude he almost started dinner, why did you leave the dining room?
  • Oh my bad… did he call me or something?
  • Obviously! Why else would I be texting you, gosh you really disappoint me sometimes
  • You know what.. I, I don’t think we should continue with our plan. I mean lately I’ve grown close to Duncan, and he thinks very highly of me, well everyone does. Honestly I want to keep it that way. So why throw it away you know?
  • Some man you are, you’re just going to give up because someone makes you feel special, please, let me do it I’m more of man than you are at this point. One man gives you a compliment and all of a sudden you feel like a princess, haha don’t make me laugh.
  • Wow, wait a minute “tough guy” earlier when you were all jacked up you were all tough, but now you’re having second thoughts? How pathetic (pause), you know what, from now on that's how I’ll measure your love for me, through your actions. (in a mimicking voice) Or are you just to scared to go get what's yours?
  • If we fail?! How about you be a little more positive, then we won’t fail. Here’s the plan, so listen closely princess. When Duncan is soundly asleep – which should be soon after his hard day – I’ll get his two servants so drunk with wine and toasting that their minds will be so messed up. Their memories will turn to vapor and they won’t be able to control their brains. When they’re drunk as pigs, and dead to the world, we can do whatever we want to the defenseless Duncan. Then we will just blame it on the drunk servants? Boom, sounds good princess?
  • Please just stop! Don’t question what I’m thinking about, just let me process what's going on. I am willing to do everything for a man. Anyone who dares to do more is not a man
  • Then what kind of animal were you when told me about this plan? When you dare to do it, then you will be a man. And by becoming more than what you are, you will be so much more of a man! Then, when you made these plans, the time and place weren’t yet right, but you would have made them work. Now, when they’ve fallen into place by themselves, you’ve lost your nerve by being provided with the perfect situation. I have nursed a child, so I know how it feels to love the baby who drinks my milk. I would take that baby while it was smiling at me, pull my nipple out of its mouth, and smash its brains out, if I had sworn to kill it as you have sworn to do this deed. So what's your excuse?
  • Okay, and what if we fail? What happens then?