I Want To Live
Updated: 2/23/2021
I Want To Live

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  • 2. We thought it was just the flu, now you say cancer.
  • I want a second opinion, Meggie.
  • 3. What now, doctor?
  • My name is Carrie. I have cancer, too.
  • 5. I've got to go to the hospital? But, I don't want to !
  • We'll getslots of them at the hospital.
  • Greetings,everyone!
  • 1. Specifically leukemia. I'm so sorry, Dawn.
  • 4. Go home, pack some things for Dawn. They'll be waiting for her at the hospital.
  • You know I try my best not to hurt you, Dawn.
  • Oh, sweetie.
  • When Dawn Rochelle was thirteen years old, the doctors diagnosed her with cancer.
  • Her parents nervously pack before they go to the hospital, and Dawn watches solemnly.
  • Honey, you have a fever. You could have an infection.
  • Dawn!
  • Dawn is extremely scared, but makes friends with her new roomate, Sandy. She still hates needles, though.
  • Will she be okay?
  • However, Dawn soon discovers that there are more kids on the cancer floor. She spends a lot of her time in the play room with Sandy.
  • One day, Dawn has a fever. This could mean infection. The doctors are worried.
  • They move her to the ICU for more careful monitoring. She has a big infection, and her weakened cells can't fight it off. Who knows what will happen next. . .