Punic Wars
Updated: 1/15/2020
Punic Wars
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  • We are doing so great! Rome has power around the Mediterranean!
  • Yes but there is another force that is rising to power around the Mediterranean: Carthage.
  • Sir, Rome is gaining power quickly. We must act quickly if we want to be the dominate power around the Mediterranean. I suggest... War!
  • Rome was a flourishing civilization because they were located around the Mediterranean Sea. This allowed them to trade with so many people. However there was another power rising around the Mediterranean.
  • We will do it for you, Great General Hannibal!
  • Take over Rome!
  • Carthage was also noticing the growing threat that was Rome. But they knew that war was coming because they both wanted to be the dominate power around the Sea.
  • Yes, Scipio!
  • Siege them!
  • Carthage and Rome meet outside of Sicily and fight for control over the west side of the Mediterranean. Rome defeats Carthage and Carthage is forced to retreat. This is the first punic war.
  • Can you believe we won?
  • Now our empire can be even bigger!
  • Hannibal, the Carthage general, came up in the rankings and had great ideas of what they could do to attack Rome again. He lead his army through the Alps and beat Rome. However, Rome still prevented them from capturing the city. This is the second punic war.
  • The Romans went back to Carthage lead by their new general named Scipio. They sieged the city of Carthage and burned it to the ground. Rome finally won the Punic Wars. This is the third and final punic war.
  • Rome won the Punic Wars and this allowed them to expand their empire. They conquered all of the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and became one of the most powerful empires in the world.
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