RHHS english storyboard
Updated: 3/23/2021
RHHS english storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Shalvey high school
  • pass it Olivia
  • ok
  • Hey girls, i need to talk to yous
  • Nice shot viola
  • The Students are walking to school Shot: Establishing shot
  • What
  • Your team has been cut
  • Nope no girls allowed in the boys team, yous will just be keeping the team behind
  • well what about the boys team can we join them.
  • Olivia and Viola are practicing getting ready for there basketball gameShot: Long shot
  • Yeah but why does that matter?
  • Well its worth a shot
  • Well yous pretty much look alike so you should dress up like him and move to Rooty hill. Join the boys team and beat our school and prove them .
  • I know, didn't you say your brother is moving to Rooty hill.
  • Olivia's and Viola's coach came in to talk to themShot: Long shot
  • Wow Olivia was right I do look like Sebastian.
  • I'm all ready for school so I hope this works,
  • The coach tells the girls that there team has been cut and that they cant join the boys team because they will keep them behind.Shot: Mid shot
  • Viola is crying because she wanted to play but now she can't. Olivia comes up with the idea of Viola dressing up like her twin brother and moving to Rooty Hill High School to beat there school in basketball.Shot: Mid shot
  • Viola dressed up like her twin brother Sebastian and is happy with the results and hope that it works.Shot: Long shot