Updated: 12/2/2020

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  • Hi there, did you know that some people just throw trash in the ocean like its nothing?
  • It's just sad and heartbreaking how some people mindlessly throw trash in our seas, oceans, and other bodies of water. Oh what careless disregard to the ocean, to all the creatures & lifeforms that dwell in it. A lot of animals are severely affected by this, for instance the turtles.
  • FYT! Straws & other plastic wastes cause harm & serious injuries to the innocent turtles. They can inhale or ingest the wastes then they will suffocate. Alas! Others even die
  • Mr Human, please don't just throw trash anywhere...You are the smartest,, most sensible among us, That's why I believe you know the right thing to do.Mr. Human, please...pleaase...I don't want to get hurt or to die...
  • So whenever you see pieces of trash, any litter of sorts, in the ocean or by the shore, make sure to pick it up. Throwing trash n the right places is a habit we can build! Let us do our part in saving the seas & oceans, in nurturing the Earth. Let us all help in making it a more liveable habitat for all creatures great & & small.
  • Please, please, have mercy... Stop throwing trash!!! Our oceans will be polluted. Eventually things will get nasty & ugly,. We will lose all beauty & usefulness... Until, one day, all will be gone...
  • From now on, I will do my part to help save the amazing planet we have & live in. I will join groups that work hard in cleaning & saving our oceans.I also volunteer to help save the animals from needless injuries, evitable accidents, & avoidable deaths!
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