Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • You've attracted all of these birds because YOU HAD to bring popcorn , really !!
  • I can't hear you because all of these stupid birds !!!!!!!!!
  • Skreech
  • Why did I even choose to come here I am so done with all of this. I wonder what my wife is doing . . . . we should get a dog ! . . .
  • They are here because YOU decided to bring Popcorn ! We need to figure out what to do !!!
  • So this is my fault i feel so bad, I need to get rid of this popcorn!
  • Green Shirt -Sender Grey Jacket - ReceiverBirds screeching - external barrier Channel-air face to faceMessage- Sender wants receiver to know the birds are there because of the receivers food
  • I am really sorry man, this is my fault and I wasn't listening to you, but don't worry I know exactly how to get rid of the popcorn Ill be right back !
  • decided to bring Popcorn ! We need to figure out what to do !!!
  • Green Shirt - SenderGrey Jacket - receiverBlue thought bubble -internal barrier Cannel - Air face to face /motioningMessage - sender wants to tell receiver to use his phone to communicate better with the noise
  • Hey I'm sorry I was yelling at you, Im happy you decided to come fishing with me.
  • Green shirt -sender Grey jacket receiverChannel- Phone message Encoding - receiver is figuring out how to tell sender his solution
  • Its Ok man I wasn't thinking you has a right to be mad. And I'm glad I came too, now it will just be a story for us to tell.
  • Feedback-from receiver (grey jacket)Channel - phone message
  • Reciever fixes problem bvy throwing away the food
  • Green shirt- sender Grey jacket -receiverDecoding-receiver is understanding senders message and deciding how to respond
  • Hes my best friend and it was my fault , he can be mad. I feel bad.