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earth formation
Updated: 10/7/2020
earth formation
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  • Good morning class! last class we learned about the formation of earth. I now need a few of you to explain the steps to me today as a review.
  • That's right! The supernova then cooked up lots of the chemicals we have today like iron.
  • Earth first started billions of years ago when huge ancient stars exploded, which are also known as Supernova's
  • Yeah! The sun was formed! While this was happening hydrogen and helium were being pushed to the edge of the disk
  • That rotating disk is called the solar nebular. The temperature and pressure was rising in the center of the disk
  • After the big explosion there was a lot of star dust. Gravity then took hold and formed a rotating disk
  • Great job class! the bigger the rock the stronger the gravitational pull. Then over time gravity shapes them into sphere like planets. some grew faster then others. One exploded and formed the 4 planets closest to the sun, one of which is earth!
  • Closer to the sun are dust grains made up of the heavier elements. as the dust travel around the sun some of them collide together.
  • dust keeps colliding and form pebbles which eventually turn into rocks. As the rocks grow so do the collisions.
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