religion project
Updated: 2/12/2021
religion project

Storyboard Text

  • on the first day god commanded there to be light then he separated light from dark and that was the first day
  • "let there be light''
  • separating light from dark is like separating good from evil
  • on the second day god created a dome that he named sky to separate the water below it the was the second day
  • let the water below and the sky come together in one place so that land will appear
  • on the third day god commanded for the water and sky to come in one place so land will appear he named land Earth and the water sea and was pleased then commanded the earth to produce plants and that was the third day
  • "let light appear in the sky to separate night from day''
  • on the fourth day god created two lights the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night he was pleased with what he made and that was the fourth day.
  • God commanded for the waters to be filled with many livings beings and let the airs be filled with birds he was pleased with what he created and that was the fifth day.
  • humans were created in gods image
  • "let the earth produce all kinds of animals domestic and wild, large and small''
  • humans are supposed to be the caretakers of earth
  • on the sixth day god commanded for earth to produce all kinds of animals and he pleased with what he saw the god said now we will make human beings they will like us and resemble us and have power over all animals so god created humans and blessed them and said have many children so that your descendants and live and bring control over earth he looked at everything he made and was very pleased and that was the sixth day. and on the seventh day it was a rest day .