natural selection
Updated: 7/17/2020
natural selection
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  • Mice have moved into a new area with lots of dark volcanic rock. There are both tan and black mice on account of natural genetic variation.
  • Birds of prey in the area begin to target these mice as prey, making them a part of their diet.
  • The tan mice are more visable to their predators therefore, they are targeted more frequently than the black mice.
  • Over time, the population of tan mice decrease as they are more targeted by their predators.
  • The mice will mate to keep the population going. It is more likely for a black mouse to breed with another black mouse due to selective pressure.
  • Because the black mice had a higher chance of breeding than the ten mice, the next generation of mice has a higher ratio of black than tan mice. Because of natural genetic variation, there is a possibility for tan mice to be born
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