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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 116 years war
  • During the 100 years war the french were fighting for land against the English with France leaning to defeat
  • Birth place of a soon to be
  • This land is now owned by the English
  • Predicting a throne
  • Her first course of action was to get in battle so she tried to convince the french prince by predicting the outcome of a battle taking place
  • -Jordan Jones7th grade
  • With nothing but a flag
  • In the city Belgium, France where the English controlled and used of space and abused. A girl named Joan was in disagreement with when she started to hear voices of angels which made her first course of action
  • Fires lighted by fear
  • The prediction was correct and she did get his approval but why the prince. She choose him because the angels said him to be the rightful king.
  • Shining light
  • During her time in battle she inspired people to fight by going in head first and always holding up her flag. She once went into battle when no soldier was following but kept going then one by one soldier followed.
  • She soon met her end when she was burned at the stake when she was caught by the English. She was charged with heresy, wearing men cloths,
  • Though how she died was tragic she with nothing but a flag changed the tide of war . No matter how much she faced she fought and still she inspires people today.