Act 4, scene 1 cont.

Updated: 5/19/2020
Act 4, scene 1 cont.

Storyboard Text

  • We have to prepare for the Caliban and the others, Ariel. Where did you leave them?
  • Good job, now stay invisible, and get my fancy clothes to use as bait.
  • Well they're totally drunk, but I was able to make them follow me with my music. They followed me to the pond behind your room, with water up to their necks.
  • Yeah, but we still lost our wine, so what's the point, I rather go find that.
  • The wine doesn't matter compared to the prize you get from killing this man.
  • Be quiet we're getting close to his room.
  • I think we've been tricked by a spirit here, we've even lost our wine.
  • But how about this clothes? It's wonderful, like it was made for us. It looks great.
  • Why don't you help us take the clothes Caliban? Here take some.
  •  Go into his room in there and kill him and this island shall be yours.
  • Stop distracting yourselves, its worthless, kill the man, that's more important.
  • Prospero prepares with Ariel the spirit for Caliban's plan.
  • Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban are close to trying to kill Prospero.
  • Hunt them down, it will all be over soon. Then I'll release you.
  • The men finally make it to the entrance, but the trap worked perfectly.
  • At the end of scene Prospero managed to stop the men's plans and put on a show for his daughter and Ferdinand.This is the only scene of act four, and goes on to end after act 5.
  • Prospero and Ariel completed their trap by calling dogs to chase the men.
  • They used the dogs to chase away the 3 men, torturing them.