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Updated: 10/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • gratias tibi for reffing
  • whats going on
  • yes?
  • wait!
  • ughhh
  • yes that one!
  • gratias tibi?
  • what was that you said
  • wow thats realy cool
  • its called a latin root it means that many differnt word we use today come from roots of latin, like gracias it comes from the latin root gratias tibi witch means thankyou
  • oh i thought it was spanish
  • well it maens thank you in latin
  • well in latin a males name in latin would have to end with "us" and a females name has to end with "a" with that being said your name would probably look something like malvus
  • ok well how would i say my name in latin its malvin
  • say, do you know anymore of that latin stuff
  • sure i do!
  • my name is maria what would it be in latin
  • well gratias tibi for teaching me that
  • I learned it from my amazing world languages teacher Mrs shriek
  • grata tua, you are alreadyy catchin on!
  • so where did you learn all of this
  • your name would just stay the same since it already ends with an a
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