Carbon Cycle Comic
Updated: 2/12/2021
Carbon Cycle Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there, my name's Cassie Cow. I live on a big, open grassy feild with my friends in South Dakota.
  • Hey everyone! I'm Liz, your Carbon Cycle educator. Cassie and all of the other livestock eat the grass and absorb the carbon it contains.
  • The carbon then re-enters the atmospere as Carbon Dioxide. This can happen in two way, it will either come out quickly through the carbon dioxide that the animals exhale. Or, it can come out in the manure.
  • Hi there, I'm Peggy Polar Bear. You might be wondering what the carbon cycle has to do with global warming. Well, the cycling of carbon on Earth influences the greenhouse gas content of the atmosphere. This causes the temperatures to rise, meaning that the ice glaciers start melting, This is very bad for me and my species.
  • This is Fred Fungi. He is a big contributor to the carbon cycle because carbon enters the atmospehere as carbon dioxide from respiration and combustion. The Carbon dioxide is then absorbed by producers to make glucose in photosynthesis. Then, Decomposers like Fred break down the dead organisms and return the carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide by respiration.
  • Hi! I'm Bob and I work at this factory. I am going to teach you about how carbon leaves/enters the oceans here on Earth. But first lets go to the ocean...
  • Ahh this is much better. So, when humans burn fossil fuels to power factories, power plants, cars and trucks, the carbon enters the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas. Then, the Carbon movesfrom the atmosphere to the oceans.