Updated: 2/8/2021

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  • Anne Frank was a Jewish girl during Hitler's regime in World War II. She, along with her family, was forced into hiding after her sister was sent a letter asking her to join a "work" camp. Anne and her family moved into a place called "The Secret Annex," where she records her daily life in her diary.
  • Anne Frank
  • Anne, in her diary, wrote about her feelings and issues, with both the fellow members of the Secret Annex and Hitler. She, through her stories, can be seen to be a sensitive, young woman, maturing as the days go by in the cramped hiding space.
  • "The Diary of Anne Frank": A journal of a girl during WWII
  • Anne Frank's diary of her times in the Secret Annex was an important part of literature in history. Throughout, she explains the struggles of being Jewish under Hitler's rules, and explains how she still believes in humanity. This led her to continue writing her story, letting those who read her diary know the true horrors going on at that time.
  • Helmuth Hubener was a German boy who lived with his family during Hitler's coming of power. He, along many others, agreed with Hitler, wanting Germany to become prosperous again. He even wanted to serve as a soldier for the fatherland!
  • Helmuth Hubener
  • However, as Helmuth grew older, things began to change. He questioned the Nazi beliefs, and even went against the Nazi laws by reading and listening to forbidden material. Helmuth, finding truth in these voices, decided to do spread the truth.
  • Though Helmuth was aware that if he was found, he would be convicted to death, he still pursued in spreading the truth. He valued telling the people of Germany what was really going on more than his own life! He, through communication of literature and his bravery, became an important part of history.
  • "The Boy Who Dared":Helmuth's story of truth