Comic Strip of the Book Gone
Updated: 1/7/2020
Comic Strip of the Book Gone
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  • Where did everyone go?
  • How does she have powers
  • She's gone.
  • This is when everyone disappeared age 15 and over, and there was a mass panic going everywhere throughout the school. And everyone was confused on what they were supposed to do next or where they should go
  • There is a massive fire in an apartment building when all of a sudden there is a massive yell inside the building that sounds like a little girl screaming. So Sam rushes into the burning building to try and save her.
  • I can't take care of all of them.
  • When Sam shot the beam of light that kills a little girl that he was trying so hard to save. And he didn't even know her ,yet he risked his life for her. By rushing into the burning building.
  • This is when people were grabbing junk food and a whole bunch of stuff from the city like a baseball bat, food and a couple of drinks. And their only entertainment was watching a street light switch colors.
  • This is when Mary and her brother were watching over all the kids who had lost their parents, or if older siblings just dropped them off. There were so many kids that some just slept on mats or the floor.
  • This is the hotel that Quinn, Astrid, and Sam searched for Astrid's baby brother Pete for the whole day without stop. And while Quinn slept in a queen mattress bed and snores louder than a car engine so Sam slept on the couch and drempt of
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