science project
Updated: 6/23/2020
science project
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  • I am soooo hot!!!
  •  Radiation"I feel so hot because of the strong sun, and I am also wearing a black swimsuit and the color black absorbs heat. I should have worn a lighter color swimsuit so it would reflect heat energy." Radiation is the transfer of heat in waves, it also occurs in all 3 states of matter.
  • Ahhh I burnt my hands!!!
  • Heat conduction"Ouch I just burned my hand touching the handle of the swing, it must be because it is metal and metal is a heat conductor."The metal part heats up quickly and transfers heat energy. The particles in the metal start to collide. Conduction is the transfer of heat in solids.
  • Convection"There seems to be quite a bit of wind all of a sudden." The sun is heating the air around it and the energized air particles are spreading apart. As the air drifts it become cooler and then it sinks. The wind is called a convection current. Convection only occurs in liquids and gases. 
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