The French Revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
The French Revolution
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • Okay but not in order
  • LET US VOTE!!!
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • I Pledged to the Constitution...
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • The meeting of the General Estates happen because the King was taxing unfair and it mainly affected the third estate so it caused a Financial Crisis Leading to a vote by order. This was a push towards democracy
  • The March on Versailles
  • A national assembly appeared and they pledged to the constitution in 1791, This was another movement towards democracy.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • On July 14th 1789 the 3rd estate was confused and angry this began the revolution they were in need of weapons because the Switzerland soldiers were in town so they raided a prison. This was a push away from democracy.
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • The women and there family were very hungry because a shortage of bread and promised to changed how things were. This was a push towards democracy.
  • During the reign of terror Robespierre took over France and they were a republic but there was a lot of killing by guillotine. This was a push away from democracy.
  • The rise of Napoleon began when he was 20 he started of with military success and gained followers and became emperor he started the reforms of law. This was a push towards democracy.
  • VELVET!!
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