Updated: 3/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi
  • friend, if I leave school early today, is it will possiblefor us to meet in the park?
  • Hello, of courses, but if you don't leave early we won't see each other
  • friend, if we pick up the trash in the park we could earn a point at school
  • It's true, if we do social service, you could give us school points
  • if you accompany me if I am going to do social service
  • will show you a park where you need cleaning, we can go there
  • The teacher said that to earn a point you could clean parks or collect garbage from city gardens to contribute to the environment
  • the best thing would be to leave the garbage in the square, only if the school is closed
  • if we take the garbage to the square, they will give us a reward
  • They arrived on time girls, if not I did not put the point
  • If it hadn't been for my friend, we wouldn't have made it
  • If you receive a school point for doing social work, it is very good
  • it feels good, take care of the environment
  • STUDENTS NAME: Airin L. Flores and Marbella E. Gutierrez
  • you're right, if I hadn't picked up trash, I wouldn't have credited my subject