Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Francesco Redi and lived from 1626 to 1697!
  • My experiment was created to prove that maggots are not created by nonliving objects to disprove spontaneous generation
  • That's not true! It is known that maggots will appear whenever meat starts to decay
  • Yes. That may be correct, but maggots are not necessarily born on decaying meat and flies are the ones who lay their eggs on meat if they have a way to go near it
  • With my experiment, the jar that was not covered obviously allowed flies to land on the meat and create maggots. However, the jar that was covered prevented them from entering and remained free from maggots .
  • This proved evidence of biogenesis because it proved that maggots do not generate from nonliving sources and rather other living things
  • My work has helped future experiment because they can understand biogenesis and that all living things come from other living things and spontaneous generation is a false idea.