city of theives
Updated: 2/10/2020
city of theives

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  • find me a dozen eggs ;)
  • RUN!!
  • chapter 2: Kolya and Lev both get arrested and put into a jail cell, Kolya was arrested for not being in his unit and Lev was arrested for robbery.
  • chapter 3: Lev and Kolya meet the colonel and confess to their actions. the colonel then gives them a mission to find a dozen eggs for a wedding cake.
  • give me you knife
  • chapter 5: Lev and Kolya find themselves inside a cannibals storage which they thought would have a dozen eggs but no it was just some murderers.
  • chapter 9: The chicken that kolya and lev found ended up being a male rooster which rarely lays eggs so they decided to have soup as the rooster who they called darling, as the main ingredient.
  • chapter 12: kolya and lev were walking along the tracks as they come across a dog with a track of blood behind it. These dogs were used to blow up enemy tanks but was a failure.