Updated: 8/29/2018
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  • very long ago their was a man named edgar allen poe. He had a lot of hard ships. i will telling you a story about and one of his most loving books called "The Raven". this man had a wife named lenore. but i will tell you the story
  • First he heard a knock at his chamber door. HE was afraid to open the door. then he finally opened the chamber door. when he opend the chamber door he saw the raven
  • the man asked the raven who are you why are you here the raven responded to the man the man was very suprised that the raven had responded to him so he thiught to him self what if this was my lenore in a dofferent form the he asked the raven will i ever see my lovely lenore then the raven responded nothing more.
  • the man kept on asking questions because he missed his dear lenore. and he wanted te know more about lenore. lenore was still the love of his life. it drives him crazy because lenore was gone. then he asked once again will i ever be with lenore again then the raven responded never more :(
  • the raven kept responding to the mans questions with never more . then man got mad he wanted to be with his love of his life again. he wanted answers but the raven kept on repeating the same things over and over which i would have tought he would have given up trying to speak to the raven but he didnt
  • the mannamed poe was only trying to figure out if he would be able to see the love his life again but he coudlnt if the raven kept saying the same thing over and over again so he gave up and told the raven to leave so the raven left.
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