WEX: WorkSafe

Updated: 10/3/2021
WEX: WorkSafe

Storyboard Text

  • Hmmm~ I can try to do the cool thing I see all the other boys do!
  • John's first day
  • Always make sure that the forklift is parked properly and do not jump off the forklift.
  • Alright! I understand!
  • Do you have any other questions, John?
  • Ok! Then that's basically a wrap to our orientation.
  • Great!
  • John decides that he should move his forklift out of the high traffic area. He is contemplating whether he should try something cool that he has seen a bunch of other boys do.
  • Come on, speak up! There are no bad questions here because anything you ask could be to ensure your safety while you work!
  • Umm..Well...
  • John thinks back to his first day here when he had his orientation with his supervisor.
  • John, I am going to tell you seriously that that is not a safe decision. If the forklift starts moving while the wheels are turned it can literally go in any direction! It might even drive into you!
  • Well.. I saw this really cool thing the boys were doing with the forklift where they start the gear without being in the forklift..
  • Present Time
  • HIs supervisor finishes the orientation and asks if John has any other questions or concerns about the job.
  • yea...maybe I shouldn't take the risk...Who knows what the forklift will do while I'm not on it.
  • John is hesitant to ask his questions but his supervisor encourages him saying that any question he has could potentially ensure his health and safety during the job.
  • His supervisor tells John seriously that although it may seem cool it does not follow their safety guidelines for using a forklift and possibly put John in danger.
  • Back in the present, John decides not to risk his safety for some "cool" trick.