Updated: 2/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I am Andres Arauz.If I win the presidential candidacy, I will give 1000 dolars to the Ecuadorian families.
  • LIST 1
  • I am Isidro Romero.If I win the elections, I wil generate sources of employment.
  • LIST8
  • I am Xavier Hervas.I enjoy giving campaigns so that all of Ecuador knoes how I will reactive the economy of my beautiful country.
  • LIST12
  • LIST21
  • I am Guillermo Lasso.If I win the eleections, I will raise the salary to 500 dolars.
  • I am Juan Fernando Velasco.I need to win The Ecuador elections.
  • LIST25
  • I am Yaku Perez.I want to help all Ecuadorian women to respect their gender.
  • LIST21