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Protestant reformation
Updated: 10/9/2020
Protestant reformation
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Storyboard Text

  • Nobody can do anything I have the most power. Nobody can step up to me. Even if they do they will be punished of treason.
  • Pope
  • The Pope is in power and can do literally anything he wasn’t to and people won’t stand up.
  • Martin Luther
  • 95 Theses
  • Martin Luther tries to make his or stand out which is the 95 theses to stoop Athena corrupt church.
  • The printing press helps Martin Luther word get spread.
  • 95 thesis
  • Printing press
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  • Mom this shows how bad the pope is
  • The printing press made it so people know how corrupt the pope is .
  • People start standing up with Martin Luther to give less power to the pope.
  • Faith is God’s woke in us, that changes us and gives a new birth to God.
  • We should get rid of the pope
  • I will have more power finally.
  • The king starts becoming the new dictator by give the pope no power and having it all to himself.
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