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Rock Takes A Name
Updated: 9/16/2020
Rock Takes A Name
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Storyboard Description

There was once a boy that had no name. He really wanted a name so he went on a mission to find out what his name was.

Storyboard Text

  • There once was a boy that didn't have a name just yet, but he really wanted one. He liked playing with Rocks so everybody started to call him Rock, but Rock wanted a real name, so he decided to go on a mission to find his name.
  • Rock started walking toward the west away from the village with his Bow and Arrow and he was about to cross a river. When he was croosing he got stuck and had trouble getting across. He finally got across.
  • He found a valley, he had never been in, but, his father would have said (pointing with his bow) only a was party would go in there to fight our enemies. In a moment or two a big man with a bow and arrow emerged from the bushes, not twenty steps away. His hair and clothes were differnt-an enemy!! The man stayed there for a little while (looking like a woof). Then he moved up, back into the valley.
  • Rock was so scared that he couldn't move. He was scared that his prey would bring him right back to the valley.
  • Coming out of the woods toward the village Rock could smell cooking fires and things that he is used to. But what about a name?? What is it that holds without moving, is always silent and still, and is happy in it's own place. Suddenly he knew!! They were waiting for Rock when he came in the lodge. Well my son, have you found a name?? His mom asked Yes!! He said proudly. From now on I will be called... Rock!!
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