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Amendment project
Updated: 3/26/2020
Amendment project
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  • Amendment 7- Jury Trial in Civil Lawsuits
  • I am suing him for 1,000 dollars.
  • Amendment 8-Excessive Fines, Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  • They are giving us excessive fines!
  • Not again!
  • Amendment 9-Non-Enumerated Rights Retained By people
  • Thank goodness I have health insurance.
  • Amendment 7 states that if there is a lawsuit over 20 dollars, it can be put into a trial.
  • Amendment 10- Rights reserved to states or people
  • The powers that are not given to the federal government are given to us, the states.
  • The federal government/me get powers from the constitution. The other powers goes to the states over there.
  • Amendment 8 states that the government cannot give people excessive fines and cruel and unreasonable punishments.
  • Amendment 11- Suits Against States
  • You are from different states! This is not allowed.
  • Amendment 9 states that rights that are not listed in the constitution belong to the people such as the right to choose whether you have health insurance or not.
  • Amendment 12- Election of President and Vice President
  • Because they won the majority of the electoral college, they are the president and vice president.
  • Amendment 10 says that all the powers that the federal government has are listed in teh constitution and the rest are respectively given to the states.
  • Amendment 11 states that US courts cannot hear or decide on a case if the two sides are from different areas/states.
  • Amendment 12 states that to elect the president and vice president, they need to win majority of the electoral college votes.
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