Unknown Story

Updated: 10/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Father got arrested by the soldiers, because he got educated from England, which then Afghan have war with them before.
  • Why did you go to England for education? Afghanistan needs more illiterate thugs like you!! (Irony)
  • After a day, when Parvana father got arrested. Parvana and her mother going in front of the prison to support her family and her own, even though she know the soldiers wouldn't, Parvana also show her brave to shout for her family.
  • Be quite
  • I'm here for my husband, he did not do any things wrong. (Keep saying it louder)
  • And I'm also here for my.....Father
  • When Parvana got to go the market by her own one time, she accident run to meet Ms.Meera, which is Parvana mother old friend and physical education teacher. They had came home together that day. That day, Parvana mother was still sleeping for long time, somehow also got depressed that her father still in jail. But Ms.Meera have a brilliant idea about how to get money and get out easier.
  • I got an idea, cut your hair like boy would make you go out to buy food or find money easier.
  • Mom still sleeping for so long time now.
  • We're out of water.....I'm hungry
  • I think that's will work, Ms.Weera
  • A brilliant idea of Ms.Meera have make Parvana mother fell better. But still, Parvana need to act like a boy, and feel like she was.
  • Before she has going out of the house, Parvana mother had told her to bring father writing things, to find money. Because, normally with her father she have go out and read or write for people to get money. This is the first time Parvana do it by herself, she a bit nervous but still she need to it for her family. Once, she at Market, they were a Taliban ask her to ask. She was nervous t first, but reading slowly making her pass it and got it right.
  • Can you read this for me?
  • Parvana was very proud that she makes her own money, and help the family.Making her to be more brave in herself.