King Arthur
Updated: 4/20/2020
King Arthur
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  • Merlin, take my son far away from here.
  • Give him to Hector.
  • Of Course!
  • Prince Arthur grew up with his adopted brother, Kay, the son of Sir Hector.He learned the ways of knighthood here.
  • Let's have a fake tournament!
  • Okay, Arthur.
  • When King Uther died, there was a ruckus as to who would become king. Finally, a sword was found. On it, it was written that whoever pulled it out of the stone would become king. Many tried, but no one could remove it.
  • Later, Kay had a tournament. Arthur was in charge of bringing Kay's sword, but he forgot it. He started to look for a new one.Then, he found the sword in the stone, which he pulled out with ease.Arthur was made king due to this sword, which was named Exchalibers.
  • Arthur married Genevieve. As a wedding gift, her father gave them a large round table. There were some special warriors that sat at the table. They were known as the knights of the round table. The bravest of them was named Lancelot, and he and Queen Genevieve were in love. Their affair was exposed, and Lancelot and Genevieve barely escaped.
  • While Arthur chased Lancelot, His nephew Mordred took over. WHen Arthur fought him, he won but was killed from overall injuries.
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