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Updated: 1/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello my name is John A Macdonald.
  • My name is George Brown.
  • I came from Canada West and a long time ago I did not support confederation.
  • I am born in Scotland and I am a skilled lawyer.
  • I am going to briefly talk about the problem of Political Deadlock.
  • And I am going to briefly talk about Western Expansion.
  • A political deadlock happens when equally powerful players in a decision making process cant agree on a course of action. The political structure of the province of BNA under the act of Union encouraged the development of political deadlocks.
  • This was because Canada east and west had an equal number of seats in the provinces assembly.
  • In 1860, immigrants to Canada west had developed nearly all the good farmland, I advocated expanding west into Rupert's land and I worried about American ambitions to claim Rupert's land.