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Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 12/6/2018
Romeo and Juliet
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  • This is an example of hubris because these teenagers are talking about putting maids to the wall like they can do it, which they are in over their heads 
  • Act I Scene i Hubris  pg.808
  • That shows thee a weak slave; for the weakest goes to the wall
  • "Tis true; and therefore women, being the weaker vessels, are ever thrust to the wall. Therefore I will push Montague's men from the wall and thrust his maids to the wall
  • Act I Scene Scene i Catharsis pg. 815
  • This is an example of catharsis because Benvolio is trying to release the pain that Romeo has about Roseline. He tried to help him get over his crush that will never happen and try to get him out of the blues.
  • O teach me how I should forget to think
  • By giving liberty unto thine eyes. Examine other beauties.
  • Act I Scene v Nemesis pg.827
  • This is an example of Nemesis because Tybalt wants to fight Romeo so he asks the Capulet to get him at the party but the Capulet told Tybalt to let him be, because he wasn't gonna do a lot of harm while at the party.
  • He shall be endured. What goodman boy! I shall. Go to! You'll not endure him, God shall mend my soul! You'll make a mutiny among my guests! You will set cock-a-hoop. You'll be the man. 
  • It fits when such a villain is a guest. I'll not endure him
  • Act I Scene v Peripeteia pg. 828
  • This is an example of Peripeteia because Romeo was sad and gloomy about Rosaline and now he kisses and is in love again plus he is happier
  • Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again
  • Then my lips the sin that they have took 
  • Act III Scene I Anagnorisis pg. 868
  • This is an example of Anagnorisis because Romeo just realized that he killed Tybalt, Romeo was mad at Tybalt for killing Mercutio, then ran off into hiding
  • This shall determine that 
  • Thou, wretched boy, that didst consort him here, Shalt with him hence
  • Romeo, away be gone!
  • This is an example of hamartia because Romeo is weeping when he finds out he is banished and it's like death to him for being away from Juliet
  • Act III Scene III Hamartia pg. 878
  • There on the ground, with his own tears made drunk
  • O holy friar, O, tell me, holy friar, where is my ladys lord, wheres Romeo
  • "weeping and blubbering"
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