Unknown Story
Updated: 3/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The CollectorK.R. Alexander
  • Arriving at Grandma House
  • 1.Never leave your windows open after dark2.No dolls in the house3. Never, go by the house in the woods.
  • Rules Of The House
  • She Meets A New Friend
  • Josie always liked visiting her grandmother's house. But when she's forced to move there, she starts to feel like something is a little...off. Her grandmother has some strange rules.
  • "joiseee"
  • Josie was confused about these rules. She wondered what would happen if she broke these rules.
  • "You found meee."
  • She meets her new friend but she ends up acting weird.
  • Josie starts to hear weird noises from the house in the woods. They started to say her name. It was creepy.
  • Josie ends up going to her house and confronting her. She puts the necklace on her neck and turns the ghost into a doll.