The Hunger Games

Updated: 11/14/2020
The Hunger Games

Storyboard Text

  • I volunteer!...I volunteer as a tribute!
  • Happy Hunger Games ,and may the odds be ever in your favor
  • Now ladies first! Primrose Everdeen
  • Time for the boy tribute! ...Peeta Mellark!
  • The boy took one look back to the bakery as if checking that the coast was clear, then, his attention back on the pig, he threw a loaf of bread in my direction. The second quickly followed, and he sloshed back to the bakery, closing the kitchen door tightly behind him.
  • In this scene, Effie Trinket announced Primrose (Katniss' sister) as the tribute for enter the Hunger Games. However to save her little sister Katniss volunteers to serve as the female tribute for District 12 in the Hunger Games.
  • “I want the audience to recognize you when you’re in the arena," says Cinna dreamily. “Katniss, the girl who was on fire.”
  • This scene is connected to the first scene. After Katniss was confirmed as a female tribute, Effie announced Peeta Mellark as the male tribute.
  • In District 12, we call them the Career Tributes, or just the Careers. And like as not, the winner will be one of them.
  • Peeta threw two breads to Katniss and Katniss credits Peeta’s actions with essentially saving her life at the time and helping her realize that she would have to act as the provider for her family. When Peeta gave Katniss the bread, Katniss and her family were basically starving.
  • Because…because…she came here with me.
  • CInna says this as Cinna prepares Katniss for the ceremony. Cinna understands how necessary it is to make Katniss stand out, not just for the sake of vanity, but because he knows that appearances in the Hunger Games can have a significant, tangible effect. By standing out during the ceremony, for instance, Katniss can attract fans that might not otherwise have noticed her, and among these fans may be sponsorswho could provide gifts that might prove critical during the Hunger Games.
  • As Katniss explains, the Career Tributes are those tributes from the wealthier districts (typically Districts 1, 2, and 4) who have trained their whole lives to take part in the Hunger Games. They know how to fight and use a variety of weapons, and they are typically large and look strong and well-fed, compared to the tributes from the poorer districts who often look undernourished. So she thinks one of them would be first.
  • Caesar Flickerman interviews Peeta before the Games, Peeta reveals to Caesar and all of Panem that he’s in love with Katniss. Peeta’s revelation sets in motion the storyline of him and Katniss as ill-fated lovers that carries on throughout the Games. This storyline has a significant influence on the Games and on Peeta’s and Katniss’s survival.