Unknown Story
Updated: 4/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • One sunny Wednesday afternoon, Morah Sophia had a question for her students...
  • Kidnapping?
  • Hello class! For today's lesson we are going to be talking about stealing. Can anyone give an example?
  • Stealing objects?
  • Hmm..
  • So then I went outside and I saw..
  • On the bus ride home Sammy closed his eyes and began to think..
  • There must be more types of theft...
  • When Sammy opened his eyes he saw a woman getting an email...
  • Your computer has been experiencing some difficulties
  • Call:000-000-00For help
  • This better be quick.. I have a conference call soon..
  • The woman then calls the number and realizes it was all scheme.. She's very upset...
  • But I'm now late for my conference call! You tricked me and wasted my time! How did you get on my computer!!
  • Haha! You've been hacked!
  • Hello? The bus ride's over!
  • Yes!Yes! Sorry, I'm coming!
  • Sammy then opens his eyes and is very happy that he learned more ideas...
  • The next day Sammy is very excited to tell Morah. Sophia what he learnt!
  • Morah Sophia! I have an answer to your question yesterday! There are many more types of theft!