The SS Penguin S.O.S
Updated: 3/29/2021
The SS Penguin S.O.S

Storyboard Description

Jack has to do a project on a hero he was telling his cousin Wally but Wally said to do it on his mum ( Jacks aunt Ada) because Ada had survived the SS penguin when many others had survived so Jack was asking Ada about the story and how she survived with Wally when everyone else in her family died.

Storyboard Text

  • Aunty for school we have to do a project on a hero and Wally told me to do you so i was wondering if you would tell me the story
  • Ok I guess it's about time this story is told. It all started in 1909.....
  • We all decided to set sail on the SS penguin but there were heavy storms and no one could see. The Thomas rock was about to hit the boat and sadly the boat was to slow in turning and BANG!!!!
  • Straight into Thomas rock and my husband had drowned so many other people dead I could hear no one else all I had was Ruby and I was pregnant with Wally. All of Wally's siblings had died I was alone cold but I wasn't going to give up but she washed up on the shore in a life boat and some farmers spotted me and helped me to shore. They gave me a room and some clothes. Ruby was dead so the only one left was Wally.