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Updated: 5/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The National government comes to power
  • I'm going to take over because the people need a president.
  • CivilWar (Nationalists & Communist coalition v Warlords)
  • We declare peace.
  • Long March (Nationalist attempt to destroy the Communists)
  • I will destroy the communism party.
  • Then we go somewhere else.
  • The people of China decide that they don't want an imperial dynasty and instead want a president. Sun Yat- Sen takes over and becomes the first president of China. Sun had three principles for China, nationalism , government of the people, Democracy, government by the people, and Socialism, government for the people.
  • Japan invades China
  • We are going to win the war and take over China.
  • Mao Zedong was for the people and rose to power because people liked him. The Communist party and the Nationalist party made and alliance and decided to keep peace with each other because they both wanted to get the warlords out of power.
  • Japan surrenders, another Civil War begins
  • I won and China is Communist now.
  • You guys are going to get rid of the old ways in China.
  • Chiang Kai- shek wanted to destroy the Communist party so he attacked and blockaded them so that they had to retreat. The Communist party retreated and travel 6000 miles and got attacked on the way to their destination many times leaving the communist party with very few people at the end.
  • Mao’s China
  • Japan invades China and attacks Nanking thinking that they are going to surrender. China didn't surrender and continued to fight even after the defeat in Nanking. The United States were allies to China and supported them and helped them during the war against Japan.
  • No we are going to win.
  • China with the help of the United States forced Japan to surrender. After the war the Communist and Nationalist Civil War continued. The United States helped the Nationalist because they didn't want Communism to spread. The Nationalist party ended up fleeing after many attacks though.
  • Mao Zedong wanted China to be an industrialized society so The Great Leap Forward started. The Great Leap forward left china's environment bad and the economy bad. Mao wanted more support after the Great Leap failed so he called upon the youth to get rid of the old ways and get him back in power. This led to China's economy turning bad and Mao's power being taken away.
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