Harriet Tubman
Updated: 2/18/2020
Harriet Tubman

Storyboard Text

  • When was Harriet Tubman (you) alive, and where did you live?
  • I was born in the year 1820 in Maryland. From an injury in the head, and old age, I died of pneumonia on March 10,1913. During my lifetime, I was a slave made to work for other people, but I had enough. I decided to escape and find different ways to get to states that do not allow slaves. I had to use various skills to hide from dogs and police that were trying to find me. I ended up making it to safety, and helped a lot of other people escape too.
  • The human right that I worked for was the right of no slavery. While I was a child, I grew up working hard for people that had “owned” me. But I escaped and showed the world that slavery is bad for society and shouldn’t be legal / allowed.
  • What human right did you fight for?
  • Where you ever caught or arrested?
  • I was never caught in her journey to safe states. There have been some times where the dogs had almost caught me, but I used pepper, and various methods to stay away from the ‘authorities’ at the time.
  • What are some ways that you fought for human rights?
  • Some ways that I fought for no slavery is, of course, my escape from the slavery spot that I worked for, but after my escape, I had helped 300 slaves to help them get to the freedon that they deserved.
  • The skills that I had to use was my sense of direction to see where I had to go, I also had to use different methods and skills to hide from the scout dogs that the authorities used to hunt down escaping slaves, I also had to have the skill of staying silent, and the skill to nurse any injury from the result of escaping.
  • What are the skills that the champion showed that made them a leader for Human Rights?
  • What was one thing that you are famous for?
  • One thing that I am famous for is my escape , but also that I had become the ‘conductor’ of the underground railroad. I became the conductor because I had helped rescue many slaves from the places that they worked at. I helped Children and adults, varying from any age.