PSA: Healthy Eating

Updated: 3/18/2021
PSA: Healthy Eating

Storyboard Text

  • For lunch Boby had a burger, fries, and some soda
  • mmmmmm, this looks soooo good
  • Because Boby let that very easy save in his team LOST the game!!!
  • Boby and his team made it to the finals where it got into a pk shootout and Boby made the save that made them win
  • GOAL!!!
  • Why did I eat a burger, now I have a cramp!!!
  • Boby you have to go on a diet
  • 100 pounds!!!
  • Boby has been eating WAY too much junk food.
  • These raspberries and water are actually pretty good and healthy!
  • Lets GOOOO!!!
  • Nice work Boby now your off your diet, just remember that that doesn't mean to eat unhealthy again.
  • Boby learned that it is important to eat healthy MOST OF THE TIME and that its fine to eat unhealthy SOMETIMES because if he does then he will stay fit and healthy
  • 90 pounds!