The lonely life
Updated: 3/28/2021
The lonely life

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  • I don't believe myself! My whole familt forgot that my birthday is tommorow.
  • I feel that everyone forgot about me.
  • Hello darling, what are your plans for tommorow?
  • Mmm.. Hey grandma.. I.. have.. soccer practice..
  • I can't believe them, they forgot my birthday! I'm all alone and death is coming closer everyday
  • The stage of middle adulthood is the Generativity vs.Stagnation phase. She is facing the phase of stagnation.
  • Good morning Dad, is everything all ready for Mom's surpirse?
  • Irene now have the feeling of being forgotton because all of her family forgot her birthday. (Irene is in Stagnation crisis where she needs love and support)
  • Hey Irene, Sam gave me a lot of chores to do want to join me?
  • Yeah sure why not
  • Irene here thinks only about death and it is the only thing that awaits her, she thinks her whole family stopped caring about her because she got older.
  • Irene's Place
  • Her family steps in and decided to surprise her to try help her go through this phase.
  • Everything is under control, I'm sure this surprise will make her feel so much better!
  • The plan for her surprise is still going on. Irene's family cares about her so much and this is the main virtue that will help her face her crisis.
  • Her whole family surprised her with her lifetime dream, Irene's resturant. This proved to her that she still has purpose in life and helped her forgot about death.
  • OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS! THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Thank you for not forgetting!