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Paper Towns Maddie Allen
Updated: 3/26/2020
Paper Towns Maddie Allen
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  • "11 things to do, with Q's help"
  • Come on Margo, HURRY UP!
  • "Tonights Plot"
  • "One more stop"
  • Only a couple of hours after Margo convinced her little sister to sleep in her bedroom tonight so Margo wouldn't get caught sneaking out, Margo hopped into Q's car and they hit the road.
  • "Margo seeks revenge"
  • They arrive at the store and Margo and Q split up to get the supplies. Margo needs 3 catfish, Veet (shaving), one big tub of vaseline, one dozen tulips, a 6 pack of Mountain Dew, a water, and tissues.
  • "Anonymous caller"
  • BD
  • Margo begs Q to take her to Walmart because she needs one more thing. He's hesitant because he never sneaks out and obviously doesn't want to get caught. Margo walks out of Walmart with "The Club", which is something that locks a steering wheel in place.
  • "One down, 10 more things to go"
  • ...But Margo keeps telling Q that he will find out what every objects purpose is by the end of the night. First stop was Becca's house, since Margo wanted revenge on her because she willingly got with Margo's boyfriend, Jase.
  • Come on Margo, what is all of this for?...
  • Q starts to realize the situation he got himself into, but he was willing to help Margo carry out her devious schemes because deep down he loves her...Margo makes Q call Becca's dad anonymously, telling him to check the basement.
  • send message
  • share content
  • add to emergency contacts
  • *67 (405) 237-8423
  • Beccas Dad
  • Thats when Q and Margo see Jase jump out of the downstairs window butt naked and afraid! Margo makes Q get a picture of Jase caught in the act. Their first plan for the night is completed, but theres about to be much more humiliation and embarrassment for those who have crossed paths with Margo
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